Topmail Setup Guide

Setting up Topmail on your device

Configuring your Topmail address with Thunderbird

This guide is based on a Thunderbird. Every mail client will have a slightly different process. In addition you may choose to setup email with an App of your own choosing, rather than the one built into your PC. If you need assistance with a specific device or app please contact your vendor, or Topmail Support. If you only need the server settings information for Topmail you can get that here: Topmail Server Settings.

  1. From the "Tools" menu, select "Account Settings", then click "Account Actions", and finally click "Add Mail Account"

  2. Type your name (eg. Timmy), your full email address and passphrase in to the space provided.
    When you have finished entering your account information, click "Continue"

  3. Select "IMAP(remote folders)" and then click "Manual config"

  4. Confirm that your server settings match what is shown below change your server settings. When you have finished, click "Create Account"
    Incoming: IMAP 993 SSL/TSL
    Outgoing: SMTP 465 SSL/TSL
    Username: your full email address