Topmail Setup Guide

Setting up Topmail on your device

Configuring your iOS device with Outlook for Topmail

This guide is based on an iPhone SE with iOS version 11. Every iOS version may have a slightly different set-up process. In addition you may choose to setup email with an App of your own choosing. If you need assistance with a different device or app please contact your vendor, or Topmail Support. If you only need the server settings information for Topmail you can get that here: Topmail Server Settings.

  1. Outlook App.
    Click on "Get Started".

    Start Screen

  2. Choose your notification preferences.

    Notifications Screen

  3. Click on Skip or if the Topmail account is listed as "found" one, choose it.

    Add Account Screen

  4. Enter your full Topmail email address in the corresponding field and tap on "Add Account"

    Add Account Screen 2

  5. It will think for a while and redirect you for the manual set up.

    Sync Process Screen

  6. Enter your correct Topmail email address and password.
    Also, fill in the other fields.
    Tap on "Sign In"

    Account Details Screen

    If it fails with the signing you in, tap on "Advanced Settings" to enter server settings manually.

  7. Enter the following settings for the IMAP:
    Email address and password fields should be filled already as you have entered those data earlier. If not, enter it again.
    IMAP Hostname:
    IMAP Username: your full Topmail address
    IMAP Password: your password to the Topmail account

    IMAP Settings Screen

  8. Enter the following settings for the SMTP:
    SMTP Hostname:
    SMTP Username: your full Topmail address
    SMTP Password: your password to the Topmail account

    SMTP Settings Screen

    And finally, tap on "Sign In" and it should sign in you to the account.