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He values your privacy. Do you?

Topmail was founded in 2006 by Emmet O’Rafferty. Emmet has been providing protection against internet-based crimes such as hacking, viruses, phishing, fraud and scams since 2002 when he entered the digital assets security business. Emmet has over 35 years experience across the entire security industry. Based on his understanding of both the physical and virtual environments he made the following observation:

Would you tolerate your letters being opened by a total stranger? Highly Unlikely!

Discussing this with family, friends and colleagues he realized that most people were vaguely aware of the risks but felt helpless to address them. He found it remarkable that email users casually accepted the routine interception and reading of their personal email communications.

"World's Only Secure Email Service provided by a Security Company"

Emmet launched Topmail in 2006 as a service designed to protect the privacy of ordinary email users. On the basis that, just as in the real world, all security problems start and finish with people, he developed a product that was years ahead of its time.

Emmet’s vision for Topmail was a secure email service, one that valued privacy and that would be available and affordable to everyone around the world.

Now, ten years after Topmail was established, in light of Snowden and the US elections in particular, the issue of email privacy has never been more important. Globally, email has become the obvious target for hacking. It is the number one means of mass surveillance and spying. Service providers who have multiple interests are not best positioned to address these threats as very often their broader business interests conflict with the idea of protecting a person’s or a company’s data.

Emmet also wanted people to understand that their email providers were making billions of dollars a year from scanning their users’ email content and selling personal information about them to third parties.

Today, Topmail is providing email services to people in over 20 countries around the world including Ireland, the UK, Canada, the US, South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand. Topmail’s sole purpose is to provide a private, secure and clutter free email environment adhering to the simple philosophy: you and you alone are in control of your email.

Meet Our Team

Emmet O'Rafferty


Emmet is Chairman of The Top Security Group worldwide and has 35 years experience of real world and virtual security experience. He conceived and developed Topmail to give email privacy to ordinary web users [read more]

Helene Devlin

Marketing Director

Helene has been a leading advocate for online privacy and email security for over 10 years. She was a key person in the development of Topmail from the very beginning. She has over 15 years experience in the security business.

Paul Moylett

Operations Director

Paul has over 10 years experience in the security business and more than 20 years of operational know-how. He ensure Topmail adheres to the highest standards in procedure and policy.

Daniel Caffrey

Technical Director

Daniel has directed technical development of Topmail since its inception in 2006. He has 20 years of IT systems development experience.

Ed Byrne

Marketing & Customer Engagement

Ed leads our day to day operations raising awareness of email privacy and of Topmail. He engages directly with customers and the public ensuring that they understand the benefits Topmail offers.

Keith McLoughlin

System Architect

Keith is an IT specialist with 25 years of expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining scaleable network infrastructure. He is responsible for the overall development and maintenance of our core systems.

Juan Zavaleta

Support - Americas

Juan is an IT support professional with a 5 year track record of delivering support to individuals and small business owners.